Resourcing so far

We have funded the initial costs of the garden build/ planting and early stages of the project from donations of money, time and skills. Particular thanks go to Dr. Trevor Weston, Debbie Bourne, Stephen Evans, Transition Kentish Town, Amanda Guo, Bess Frimodig, Melissa Hardwick and many others from our local community

How will we now resource the project?

We plan for the project to continue along ‘gift economy’ lines i.e. we work together as a community with members choosing to give in whatever ways they can.

  • Giving time - regularly or intermittently. We need people

    • who might help with admin/ organisation- e.g. mailing lists/ event publicity

    • who are happy to help with events- setting up/ running/ clearing up

    • join our mailing list and come and celebrate with us

  • Donating skills and talents to share with others- gardening crafting and cooking

  • Donation of items - please see our current wishlist. If you have anything surplus to your requirements that maybe usefully ‘free-cycled’ into the project we are most grateful. Please contact us by email to donate or if you would like us to arrange collection

  • Financial donations - we will use any donations to purchase items from our 'wishlist'. We are very grateful for any contributions

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